Meet Cinim: The team behind BreathingRoom

Founded in 2002, Cinim is an integrative health and research institute that creates therapeutic wellness programs.

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About Cinim

Cinim is a Calgary-based, charitable organization that builds resilience in individuals, families and communities through the development and delivery of safe, effective, accessible, evidence-based, e-health programs. Cinim is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative mental wellness programs and is consistently focused on the future of health. 

Program Impact

BreathingRoom reduces the barriers to youth getting the much needed help they need. Youth reported they are more comfortable seeking help as a result of the program.

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An app and online program that gives students and young people practical tools for coping with life’s challenges.

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 A new e-health program for adults using mind-body techniques and the latest science for improved health and wellbeing.


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