A mental wellness program designed for students

Give your students practical and engaging tools to deal with stress, anxiety and depression so they can unlock their true potential

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How the program works

 BreathingRoom is a clinically proven, award winning app and digital program designed by experts and researchers in partnership with over 100 youth volunteers. It offers practical exercises, visualizations, music, movie and book suggestions, and engaging videos. The program is designed to be done flexibly by students over 8 weeks in just 20 minutes a day

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It’s not just about helping your students cope; it’s about helping them thrive. 

BreathingRoom™ reduces the barriers to youth getting the much needed help they need. Youth reported they are more comfortable seeking help as a result of the program. The core principles and activities of BreathingRoom™ promote well-being in both adults and youth:

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Create deeper, healthier connections with themselves and others

Human wellness is strongly connected to the relationships we have with others and the relationship we have with ourselves. Our program helps students deepen both.

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Learn coping strategies and techniques to manage stress and build resilience

Challenges, problems and disappointments are inevitable. BreathingRoom helps students develop strategies to effectively weather the storms of life.

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Develop greater awareness of the connection between thoughts and behaviour

Much of what students struggle with is related to how they think about their world. The program helps them understand the relationship between what they’re thinking, what they’re doing and how they feel.

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Find gratitude, and the purpose and possibilities in their lives

Stress, anxiety and depression can dim someone’s capacity to feel positive emotions. The program helps students see themselves and their lives differently so they can find purpose and possibility.

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Young people love the BreathingRoom program

Ultimately, the program is built for students and young people. It’s their opinions that truly reveal how powerful it is. Here, the results speak for themselves. A 2020 survey of BreathingRoom users revealed that 80% of participants found the program very helpful, with another 18% finding it helpful. That’s 98% positive assessments. That’s 98% of your students you can help right now with the BreathingRoom program.

How to get BreathingRoom for your students

Let’s talk! Contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have about the program, the app or any other elements of how we partner with schools. Together we’ll create a plan to get BreathingRoom to your students. The full program, complete with analytics, is available to institutions that acquire licenses for 100 or more students.

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What your students will be exploring in the program

The program is built around eight topics students can explore at their own pace. It can be completed in about 8 weeks and 20 minutes per day.

Unlock the real you

Students learn to deal with negative thoughts and see themselves as they truly are— unique people with incredible abilities.

Connect with life

This topic is focused on how to deal with feelings of being alone and finding ways to connect with creativity.

Discover your purpose

For students feeling empty and bored, this topic helps them focus on what excites them in life, challenges them to grow, and expands their thoughts and ideas. 

Find the positive

Here students learn to move from feeling helpless and hopeless to feeling gratitude – and how to create that happiness within themselves.

Respond to disappointments

Students learn they can’t always control what happens in their lives, but they can find ways to cope when life challenges them.

Deal with the past

This topic is about letting go of hurt, anger and disappointment by learning what it means to forgive.

Reach in to reach out

Here students learn how to be kind to themselves and understand how showing compassion to others will actually make them feel better.

Move forward

This is the final topic where they look to the future, celebrate their progress and get ready to enjoy the life ahead of them.

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Analytics make it easy to see your students’ progress

Our analytics and dashboard make it easy to understand how many of your students are using the program and how far they’ve progressed through the eight topics. Get monthly and quarterly reports and, perhaps best of all, verbatim comments from students on how the program has affected their lives.

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